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Photolemur Discount

Smart technologies for automatic, hands-free editing.

AI powered tool automatically enhances your photos and make them look fabulous.

Bring the bright, vivid colors of the real world in your photographs.
Even with today’s impressive camera bodies and lenses, it’s far too easy to lose the vibrancy of colors you see with your naked eye when you’re photographing a scene. With its brilliant Color Recovery feature, Photolemur fixes this issue by instantly adjusting the lackluster colors in your photographs and making than pop.
Photo Enhancement on Autopilot
No Buttons, No Problems
No need to spend days to enhance the photos from your last creative impulse.
Photo Enhancement on Autopilot
Powered with AI
No need to spend days to enhance the photos from your last creative impulse.

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Sky Enhancement

Enhance the sky in your photos to make it vivid yet natural-looking.
The elegant blue tones will be made even more striking by the added sharpness of any clouds, planes, birds, or other objects, all the while keeping the sky natural-looking. By mapping the elements in your photo, Sky Enhancement targets the sky and brings back its head-turning colors. Turn any off-balance photo into a revelation of the true beauty of the heavens in one fell swoop!

Exposure Compensation

Automatically fix your photo’s exposure to compensate for under and overexposures.
Save time in post with Exposure Compensation. It uses robust smart technologies to quickly detect inaccurate exposure settings. It then effortlessly adjusts these settings to achieve the optimal exposure for that particular image, whether by darkening or brightening it.

Smart Dehaze

Remove unwanted haziness or fog for crystal clear images.
With the Smart Dehaze, Photolemur automatically detects and eliminates unnatural haze or unwanted fog, mist, and smog in your photos, enhancing the colors, bringing back the details, and giving you a more breathtaking image. Moreover, it learns from each successfully corrected photo so that it only gets better with every use.

Natural Light Correction

Preserves the appropriate warm or cool tones that best represent the time of day.
Taking into account the time of day in each photo, the Daylight Correction adjusts the tone, exposure, and contrast to bring out the natural and true-to-life lighting in your captured moments. Whether it’s the cool elegance of the evening or the warm allure of the afternoon, it adjusts the lighting perfectly, taking you on a nostalgic trip back in time when you took the photo.

Foliage Enhancement

Boost the colors of nature.
Restore the lost vibrant colors of nature with its Foliage Enhancement. It instinctively picks out individual trees, leaves, and any foliage then adjusts the color, sharpness, saturation, and contrast to make them stand out and bring out their natural beauty. With it, you can turn any typical autumn camping trip into a spectacular fall photo shoot.

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