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Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Windows Movie Maker Review
Windows Movie Maker is free video editing software available on virtually every PC. Developed by Microsoft as part of the standard program suite, it was included in Windows XP and, more recently, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Even though it is not supported for Windows 10, you can still download Windows Movie Maker and install it on this newest operating system, as well. But should you really do that? You can try a powerful alternative like Movavi Video Editor Plus that gives you access to a wider range of tools and is also available to Mac users. Movavi Video Editor Plus Coupon

Movavi Video Editor Plus
Movavi Video Editor Plus

30% OFF Movavi Video Editor Plus Personal WinUser Interface

The simplicity of Windows Movie Maker has always been one of its major trump cards. As we see, Movavi Video Editor Plus is very similar in this respect. Both programs have a very intuitive interface with familiar navigation patterns. Both can be set to English or one of many other languages, so no problem here.

Input and Output Features

It turns out that Windows Movie Maker is seriously lacking in the number of media formats available for saving your files – only four against dozens in the case of Movavi Video Editor Plus. Moreover, the Movavi app supports 4K video, which is definitely a huge advantage for those interested in handling videos in this resolution. The Intel® Media hardware acceleration is another neat feature that will make your working process a lot smoother if you go with Movavi.

Capture Tools

Again, Windows Movie Maker offers a very limited choice of options. If you’re going to create screencasts from devices other than a webcam, you should probably stick with Movavi Video Editor Plus. It allows you to capture audio and video from a wide variety of sources such as HD camcorders, webcams, TV tuners, VHS tapes, and more.

Editing Tools

The set of features provided in Windows Movie Maker is, yet again, quite modest. You can use only a handful of effects and transitions there, compared to the impressive collection offered in Movavi Video Editor Plus. The same goes for title presets. When you edit your projects, whether at home or in the office environment, you’d probably want a bit more room for creativity. This is precisely what is available to Movavi users, together with handy features like callouts, auto adjustment, and timeline mode.

Help and Support
The MS website offers virtually no educational materials on their program. All it has in terms of user support is a help service you can contact by email and a forum. The Movavi site, on the other hand, provides a wide variety of useful content, including FAQs, manuals, and video guides with regular updates. If something is not working properly or there’s an error of any kind, you can contact the company’s live chat service to get help in real time.

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