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Don’t let hackers know that you have a WordPress website.

Ready To Protect Your Website From Hackers?

Hide My WP Ghost 4.2 is Here With New Security Features

With the launch of WP 5.2, WordPress adds more security to the core to keep users websites secure. The problem remains with the lack of security of the themes and plug-ins that can be created by any beginner developer without security knowledge.

Because of the hacker-bots attacks targeting the exact paths of vulnerable plug-ins, more and more companies are adopting the security through obscurity method.

This method involves hiding the actual URL and choosing a random URL for the same result. When the hacker-bot accesses the actual URL, it will receive an error message without using the server resources.

Hide My WP Ghost 4.2 brings many improvements to protect all the themes and plugins installed on WordPress. It also comes with several options to hide the common paths of WordPress and to hide the fact that the WordPress CMS is used.

In the latest version, compatibility with other cache and SEO plugins has been updated, such as WP-Rocket, Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Yoast SEO, Squirrly SEO, All In One SEO, etc. It also updated compatibility with other security plugins such as Juices, Wordfence, iThemes Security, SecuPress, etc.

Site loading speed has remained an important point in plug-in development and tests have shown that the average upload speed of a website with all the options turned on in Hide My WP Ghost is +0.05 seconds. A very good time given the number of operations performed on the frontend.

A bonus to this plugin is a new security layer for SQL / Script injection. An update to this feature was made to update the list of attacks in 2019.

So if you want to have a safe WordPress site for your business, you need to use Hide My WP Ghost to stay away from hackers. Security through obscurity is the safest solution for WordPress so far.

Hide your WordPress Form Hackers!

Don’t let hackers know that you use a WordPress CMS!

Hide My WP – Protection Steps

  • -You Hide WordPress wp-admin URL, wp-login URL, admin-ajax URL
  • -Hide WordPress Common files: wp-config.php, readme.html, license.txt, etc.
  • -Customize common paths: wp-admin, wp-login, wp-includes, wp-content, plugins & themes, uploads, authors, comment, category & tags
  • -Customize WP API Rest path, Lost Password URL, Register URL, Logout URL, Activation URL, Ajax URL
  • -You customize plugin names, theme names & theme style name

There is no difference in features between Safe Mode and Ghost Mode, just in the predefined settings.

By default, Safe Mode does not modify the wp-admin and admin-ajax.php paths, it just hides them. Also, it doesn’t hide the common paths (wp-includes, wp-content, plugins, themes) and WP-JSON API calls.

Safe Mode has been created to eliminate many incompatibilities with custom themes and plugins that we have tested in recent years.Safe Mode provides a good level of security, even if these settings are not enabled.

If you feel confident you can switch to Ghost Mode, you can always go back to Safe Mode in one click.

Your WordPress Website Brute Force Attack Protection

Hide My WP Ghost Will Help You To

  • Hide the fact that you are using WordPress CMS.
  • Limit Login Attempts.
  • Restrict access to the authentication URLs.
    (deny the IP address after a few fail attempts.)
  • Use reCaptcha or human recognition
  • Whitelist specific IP addresses

Track Your WordPress Activity and See What Happens On You Website

  • Monitor, track and log events on your website
  • Know what the other users are doing on your website and when
  • Set it to send alert emails for one or more user actions
  • Filter user events and usernames
  • Save time with preset alerts and opportunities
Be Proactive! Identify Your Potential WordPress Security Breaches
  • Detect security breaches
  • Take preventive measures against attacks
  • Identify security or access issues on your website before they become a problem
  • Teach you how to fix common problems in cases where a manual action is need
Compatible With Other Plugins

Hide My WordPress Ghost was tested with over 1000 other themes and plugins. It works with the most of the popular Cache Plugins, Security Plugins, CDN Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

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