Handy Backup Professional

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Secure Files

Handy Backup Pro is a speedy, effective and comprehensible utility capable for backing up data from personal computers including home, office and business-level workstations. It is designed for users who need to back up not only files, but also pro-level data such as databases, websites or entire system images.

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Handy Backup Professional

Key Features of the Solution

Handy Backup Professional provides some options highly required for experts and advanced users.

System Backup and Recovery

The Professional edition can save an image of any drive as a VHD file. Users can restore this image later (including the possibility of creating a bootable device), or attach this VHD file as a virtual drive and browse its content, or even run it as a complete image of a VirtualBox machine.

Backup to All Popular Clouds

Professional edition is capable to save copies of data to all popular clouds such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, Backblaze and other. You can use backup information without restoration, as Handy Backup saves data in native format, allowing using this data directly from cloud.

Secured Server Connections

In the Professional edition, not only FTP servers are supported but also the protected FTP exchanging protocols, SFTP and FTPS. These features allow connecting with any type of FTP servers, for backing up such an information as website static content and secured FTP data.

Extended Options

Handy Backup Professional shares many control and automatizing options with other editions, allowing users fully controlling their backup, restoration and synchronizing tasks.

Automating Backup and Restoration Processes

  • A rich set of data source features for backup, including files, folders, Outlook data;
  • Selecting files and folders by masking filenames, allowing saving only crucial data;
  • Scheduling task execution for a repeated period from months to minutes, or by an event;
  • Starting automatic backup to external hard drive when it is plugged in to a PC.

Controlling Backup Operations

  • Preserving native data formats, allowing using data just from backups without restoring;
  • Compressing and encrypting data when a user need it for security or other purposes;
  • Full, incremental and differential backup, as well as mixed (full/differential) backup type;
  • Keeping a specified number of versioned backups for one dataset, removing obsolete data.

A Plentiful Selection of Data-Keeping Storages

  • Local disks, external USB drives, mapped network disks and NAS units;
  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS storage servers;
  • Clouds: Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, OwnCloud, Backblaze, OneDrive etc.;
  • Handy Backup data storage (HBDrive) keeping data in a protected vault.

Backup for ODBC Databases

Database tool in Professional edition is capable to backup and restore database tables with the help of ODBC drivers. Remember that an ODBC driver for your database is not a part of Handy Backup! Learn how Database plug-in works*.

Database plug-in is developed for backing up tables of such databases as Access, FoxPro, Firebird, Sybase and other. To make full “hot” backup copies for MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle we recommend using Handy Backup Small Server or ordering plug-in for chosen database.

Planning the Activities

  • Running other programs before or after the particular task (e.g. for cleaning garbage);
  • Notifying users by emails of any operation results, as well as logging all the job done;
  • A Backup Reports window allowing viewing any task performed or attempted in details;
  • Starting the program as a Windows service, removing distractions from a user during the job.

System Requirements

Standalone OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista;
Server OS: Windows Server 2016/2012/2011 Small Business Edition/2008/2008R2/2003;
Linux compatibility: under OS Linux the program can be used with Wine compatibility layer;
Other requirements: 256 MB of free disk space, 128 Mb of RAM, Internet connection.

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