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Only Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 completes your PC

Over time, even modern systems slow down or become faulty and cluttered with junk files. Especially Windows 10 collects more data than its users would like. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 takes care of these issues – with unparalleled speed and efficiency. It doesn’t take any prior knowledge or lots of time and your computer will feel like new again! Let WinOptimizer help you make the most of your PC and protect, clean and optimize your machine for maximum performance and privacy every time.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16

The most powerful WinOptimizer start page ever

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 takes care of things right off the bat. The start page allows you to analyze and fix eight common issues. Free massive amounts of space, clean your registry, slim down on autostart entries, ramp up your security settings and create a lean, secure and error-free system. Naturally, we’ve optimized all features for the latest Windows updates!

Conserve energy without performance drops

Modern computer systems offer a high level of performance that goes hand in hand with a high level of energy consumption – even when it is not needed! You’ll notice this not just when you’re using your laptop on the go but also when you receive the latest energy bill. The new Energy-Manager tailors Windows power settings to your needs. Nifty power schemes save you money and extend the battery life of your devices significantly. Our team came up with a perfectly balanced power saving profile that won’t cause noticeable performance drops while efficiently conserving energy!

No more unwanted browser extensions

We all know those pesky toolbars that tend to infiltrate our browsers. What are less known are the numerous browser extensions that can slow down your web browsing experience and threaten your privacy. These extensions are often not even listed by the affected browsers! Browser Extension Manager puts a stop to this. It displays all installed browser extensions along with the option to delete them, if necessary. You decide which extension stays and which one goes. So clean your browser and put the fun back into web surfing!

Full control with a single bar

While many comparable products seem like a wild mix of various features, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 offers a streamlined experience. The navigation bar offers fast access to every feature without the hassle of nested submenus and each module provides clear how to instructions. Making modern technology usable – that is our goal!

Windows 10-ready

Development of Microsoft Windows is still ongoing – and so is the development of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16! Our developers ensure the program remains fully usable even if your PC has just received OS updates. Through continuous program updates, your WinOptimizer always stays up to date no matter what changes are made to the underlying Windows OS!

Maximum security and privacy – guaranteed

Windows collects a lot of data and makes some foul compromises regarding system security. Win10 Privacy Control and Antispy, both included in the program, give you back control of your system! You decide which passwords, telemetry data or photos are sent out or, even better, kept private. Crack down on unsolicited tracking of your PCs, personalized ads or far too nosy programs!

Indispensable: 1-click optimization
1-click optimization is so popular because it takes care of several issues at once. Three powerful modules spring into action to clean your system in-depth. Internet Cleaner eliminates web browsing traces that not only occupy space but also compromise your privacy and security. Drive Cleaner deletes redundant files to reclaim disk space and Registry Cleaner removes invalid Registry entries for improved performance and to avoid system errors. All it takes is a single click from you!

Smart auto-features for your PC

A total of three clever modules take the bulk of the work off your shoulders. Auto-Clean not only remove junk data but prevents it before it happens! Whenever you close your browser or any other program, it makes a clean sweep and gets rid of no longer needed files. Live-Tuner performs real-time tweaking to accelerate program launches. You can also customize it manually to modify process priorities for that extra bit of oomph. Game-Booster terminates all background processes non-essential for gaming to give your games the ultimate performance boost! Once you exit the game the changes are reverted automatically so you can continue working normally.

Our cleaners: scrupulous cleanliness guaranteed!
Cleaning modules have always been at the heart of WinOptimizer. That’s why we’ll never stop improving them! Where do the latest browsers or setup programs store junk files? Which files pose a risk to your privacy? New threats are constantly analyzed and detection built into the new version. But that’s not all. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 fully supports multi-user environments. From now on, you no longer have to clean each profile separately!

Perfect system monitoring

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 shows you what’s going on on your PC. For example, you will automatically be notified when the health of your drives deteriorates before disaster strikes. Detect performance bottlenecks and potential errors with ease. If you need extensive details on disk space usage, installed hardware components or running background processes, here is where you’ll find them!

The Swiss army jackknife for your PC

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 comes packed with 36 powerful modules to make your computer life incredibly easy. It doesn’t matter whether you seek to customize Windows, enhance your security and privacy or analyze your system in depth. All modules are refined and updated every year for best compatibility and performance with old and new Windows versions alike. Discover the wealth of useful features in WinOptimizer 16 yourself!

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