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Easy and Fast Ways to Convert HEIC to JPG


  • Full name : High Efficiency Image File Format
  • File extension : .heif, .heic
  • MIME : image/heif, image/heic, image/heif-sequence, image/heic-sequence
  • Developed by : Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
  • Type of format : Image Container Format
  • Associated programs : iOS


  • Full name : Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
  • File extension : .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jif, .jfif, .jfi
  • MIME : image/jpeg
  • Developed by : Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • Type of format : Lossy image format
  • Associated programs : Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView, Paint Shop Pro, Pixel image editor, the GIMP, ImageMagick, Paint.NET, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Apowersoft HEIC Converter Discount Code
Apowersoft HEIC Converter Pro

Convert HEIC to JPEG Online

Starting with Apple’s latest iOS 11, HEIC is the new standard format for storing images on iDevices. Compared with JPEG, this high efficiency format makes images much smaller without sacrificing quality. The problem is that some users cannot natively view HEIC images.

With Apowersoft free HEIC converter, you do not have to worry about compatibility with your computer system or your older software. It’s really simple to convert HEIF (.heic) images to JPEGs in one go. You can also keep Exif data in the process of conversion. The quality of the image will not be compromised.

Batch Convert HEIC Files at a Time

The Apple’s new image format is truly beneficial to mobile phones running low on storage. However, iOS 11 users will have to convert HEIF to JPG until it becomes accepted everywhere. If you have taken loads of HEIC images, finding they cannot be recognized in Windows, Dropbox or Google photos, you can make use of this online HEIC converter to do the job. Users can upload up to 30 photos for conversion during one session, which is time-saving.

Process HEIC to JPG Conversion in the Cloud

The whole conversion process is done within your browser. The uploaded files are completely safe, and only you can have access to them. The images will be deleted after conversion finishes. So you do not have to fear loss of privacy.

Fast and Easy to Operate

The free HEIC converter brings you the best experience in conversion. It adopts efficient technology so that you can convert HEIC images to JPEG in no time. Using this HEIC to JPG converter is totally free, you are not required to sign up, subscribe or even install third-party plugins. Without any limitation, it supports working well on both Windows and Mac instantly. Simply navigate to the site and drag HEIC files from your local drive, then they will be optimized and converted to JPEG automatically.

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